Finished wood bead and shamrock garland on jute twine.

DIY Shamrock Garland (Neutral St. Patrick’s Day Decor)

Is neutral St. Patrick’s Day decor your style? Then check out this post for a tutorial on this shamrock garland DIY using wood beads and wood shamrock cut-outs.

I seem to have accumulated a lot of wood beads. Like a lot. And St. Patrick’s Day was headed our way, so I decided to find a way to make a shamrock garland using wood beads for the upcoming holiday of spritely leprechauns.

I don’t usually go all out with St. Patrick’s Day decor, but I do like to put up a few neutral-inspired decorations like this farmhouse-style Burlap Shamrock Wreath (check out this post for the tutorial).

So, when I saw these cute wooden shamrocks on Amazon, I just had to grab them and make a garland to hang on the chalkboard in my dining room.

It’s a super easy St. Patrick’s Day garland to make and you don’t even need that many supplies which is a win!

Keep reading and I’ll show ya the super simple steps to making this DIY farmhouse shamrock garland to style in your own home.

Shamrock garland hung on a chalkboard with a shamrock wreath, above a buffet.

Supplies for Wood Shamrock Garland DIY

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My wood bead set was out of stock when I went back to provide links (of course 😣) so I provided a similar option below.

Supplies including wood beads, wood shamrocks, paint, twine, and scissors.

Paint the Wood Cut-Out Shamrocks

Five wooden shamrocks painted sage green and one shamrock natural wood color.

First, paint the shamrocks sage green. I only gave them one coat of paint; however, you could give them two if you want a bit more coverage.

Measure Out the Jute Twine and Make a Loop

The next step is to measure out about 10 feet of the jute twine.

This will give you a finished garland that measures about 5 and 1/2 feet. If you want the shamrock garland to be longer then increase the initial length of the twine.

Loop at the end of the jute twine.

Make a loop at the end of the twine.

Make a Double Knot in the Jute Twine

Just down from the loop make a double knot in the jute twine.

Just a bit down from the loop, make a double knot in the jute twine. The double knot will help the wood beads to stay put.

Begin Stringing Wood Beads on Farmhouse Shamrock Garland

Three wood beads with double knots on each end.

Next string three wood beads. I placed a 12 mm, followed by a 16 mm, then another 12 mm wood bead on my jute twine. This was followed by a double knot.

Attach Wood Shamrock to the Jute Twine

Push jute twine through the back of the wood shamrcok.

Fold the jute twine and then push it through the hole at the back of the shamrock.

Make a knot in the jute twine at the front of the shamrock.

Make a knot in the twine at the front of the wood shamrock. I only made one knot but test it to be sure it doesn’t pull back through the hole.

Trim the jute twine above the knot and gently fray the end.

Then trim the end of the jute twine with the scissors and fray the end gently.

Three wood beads strung on jute twine between double knots.

This is how it looks so far.

Continue with the Wood Beads and Shamrock Pattern

Continue placing beads and wood shamrocks in a pattern.

Continue adding wood beads and wood shamrocks in this pattern. I didn’t measure the twine between them, I just sort of guesstimated, and kept going. 😉

String 8 Shamrocks, Beginning and Ending with Wood Beads

Finished garland with eight wood shamrocks and wood beads.

The 10 feet of jute twine came out to about 5 and 1/2 feet of garland, and I used 8 shamrocks in all. Make a loop at the end of the twine.

I have to say, I just love this sage color and can’t wait to use it again on another DIY!

And that’s a wrap! This pretty garland is ready to hang on a mantel, frame, or chalkboard!

Finishing Up this Wood Shamrock Garland Tutorial

Shamrock garland hung on a chalkboard with a shamrock wreath, above a buffet.

So, what are your thoughts on this simple shamrock garland DIY? I think the natural color of the wood beads and the sage green on the shamrocks mesh well together.

And the fact that you don’t need many supplies is a definite win!

Really you could use any pattern of wood beads you wanted. And if you have some already on hand as I did, you could use whatever size you have as well!

This is the same jute twine I use in all my other garland DIYs too, so if you’re following along, you may have that too!

As always, thanks for reading the post, and please consider subscribing to my newsletter below.

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This neutral St. Patrick’s Day DIY garland uses jute twine, wood shamrock cut-outs, and natural wood beads to create pretty farmhouse-style home decor.

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Wood shamrock and wood bead garland on jute twine.

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