Woven jute rope wreath DIY with Baby's Breath floral hanging on chalkboard.

Jute Rope Wreath DIY (With Baby’s Breath Floral)

Want to create a really simple and neutral wreath with Dollar Tree supplies? Well then, here’s a tutorial on how to make a Baby’s Breath and jute rope woven wreath that’s super easy and won’t break the bank.

Baby’s Breath, also known as Gypsophila Paniculata, blooms spring through summer and produces dainty white flowers. Fun fact…these plants are considered invasive in North America and can be toxic to humans and pets.

Don’t worry, we’re using the faux version in this tutorial. 😉

I love the look of pretty white Baby’s Breath flowers and have used them in several other wreaths.

However, when I found this particular kind of Baby’s Breath at the dollar store, I wasn’t sure about it at first.

The manufacturer created this type of Baby’s Breath flower with tiny Styrofoam balls.

I was sure they would fall apart easily which made me skeptical, but in the end the little clusters of white balls actually turned out to be quite sturdy.

I always like the combination of brown and white colors, so this wreath fit that bill too.

And it’s really simple to weave the jute rope through the wire form, creating a braided affect.

Read on for the tutorial for this neutral-inspired jute rope wreath DIY made with dollar store supplies.

Woven rope wreath DIY with Baby's Breath hanging on chalkboard above a buffet.

Supply List for this Boho Inspired Wreath DIY

Supplies including wreath form, jute rope, glue gun, and baby's breath floral.
  • 14-inch wire wreath form
  • Jute Rope 9.5 foot (6 strands)
  • Baby’s Breath floral (5 stems)
  • Glue Gun
  • Wire Cutters (not pictured)

All supplies are from Dollar Tree except the glue gun and wire cutters.

Turn Wreath Form Over and Begin Weaving Rope

For this tutorial, I turned the wire wreath form over so that the middle portions were sticking out in the back, not the front.

You’ll be weaving the rope through the top and bottom wire only.

Simply weave the rope around the bottom wire, and then up around the top (as shown in the picture below).

Jute rope being woven through the wire form.

Then push the rope strands together, you’ll use one strand of 9.5-foot rope for each section of the wreath form.

This wreath form had 6 sections, so I used 6 strands of the jute rope from Dollar Tree.

As you weave, push the sections together.

Continue weaving the rope through the top and bottom wires, until you reach the end of the strand of rope.

Continue weaving the jute rope through the top and bottom wires on the wreath form.

The first section of wreath form should be completed.

First section of wreath form completed with woven jute rope.

Secure Jute Rope with Hot Glue

Get that glue gun heated up!

Once the first strand of rope is completed, you’ll secure the end at the back of the wreath using the hot glue.

Tuck the end of the jute rope strand to the back of the wreath and secure with hot glue.

Then you’ll get the next strand and tuck it in beside it, securing this rope strand with hot glue also.

Tuck the next strand in beside it and then hot glue to secure it.

I found that the easiest way to do this was to tuck it in with the plastic still on the end of the rope, and then clip it off with scissors. If not, the rope tended to fray as I was trying to push it into the space at the back of the wreath.

Tuck the end of the rope into the back of the wreath and secure it with hot glue.

Next, continue weaving your jute rope through just the top and bottom wires.

Two end strands of jute rope secured to back of wreath with hot glue.

Continue to Weave the Rope Through the Wire Form

If you left off on the bottom, then continue on the top to weave the next strand of rope.

Once ends secured, continue to weave the next strand of rope.

Continue weaving the rope through the wreath.

This is how it looks after 2 rope strands have been completed.

Woven rope wreath about a quarter completed.

Halfway there! Remember it should take about one rope bundle for each section of the wire form.

Woven jute rope wreath half completed.

And the back!

Back of woven jute rope wreath half completed.

Almost there!

Woven rope wreath DIY about three quarters completed.

Once the weaving is complete, and the ends are secured in the back of the wreath it’s time to add in the floral.

Add the Baby’s Breath Floral to the Woven Wreath

Baby's breath floral pick sitting next to woven rope wreath.

Before we begin tucking it into the wreath, here’s a close-up picture of this type of Baby’s Breath faux floral.

Close up picture of Baby's Breath floral.

Using the wire cutters, clip off a stem from the bundle and bend it, so that the stem is at an angle.

Jute rope wreath with Baby's breath floral tucked into it.

Then tuck the Baby’s Breath into your wreath.

Baby's breath stem being tucked into the woven wreath.

The Baby’s Breath picks have these little central stems that you can tuck into the wreath as shown in the pictures below. This helps to stabilize them within the wreath.

I ended up tucking some in and left some out. At the end I hot glued the back, which helped to increase the stability too.

Central floral stem being tucked into the wreath to stabilize.

Central stem tucked into rope to secure the floral.

Continue working around the wreath adding in Baby’s Breath stems.

Woven wreath with Baby's Breath floral tucked into half the wreath.

Here’s the woven wreath all completed with floral.

Really you could choose any floral you like and complete the same steps, customizing it any way you prefer.

Completed jute rope and Baby's breath floral wreath.

In the back of the wreath, I simply used hot glue to secure the stems to the wire. Clip any unruly stems that are sticking out.

Because I thought in the future, I may want to change up the floral, I only hot glued the stems to the wire. This will make it easier to remove.

However, you can add more glue if you want the wreath to be even more stable.

Stems in back of wreath hot glued to wire.

Back of the wreath pictured and floral stems hot glued to the wire.

And you’re all finished! Display this pretty wreath within your home or on a covered porch!

Woven rope wreath with Baby's Breath floral hanging on a chalkboard above a buffet.

Final Thoughts on this Jute Rope Wreath DIY

This brown jute rope and white floral wreath will make a nice addition to your home decor and blend with any style. And I’m a sucker for the wood and white combination of colors.

The jute rope was easy to weave through the wire form. And you could even swap out the Baby’s Breath for floral of your choice.

If you have a glue gun and wire cutters on hand, the wreath supplies come in under 15 dollars making this a pretty inexpensive DIY.

So, what do you think, is this something you’d create for your own home? Let me know down in the comments.

And, as always, thanks so much for reading!

Next time you’re out and about be sure to grab a wreath form, jute rope and pretty white floral to create this natural woven wreath DIY that will blend with any decor.

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Jute rope wreath with baby's breath floral hanging on chalkboard.

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