Nautical rope wreath with blue and silver daisies hanging on hook.

Summer Nautical Rope Wreath Idea (Dollar Tree DIY)

This pretty Dollar Tree nautical rope wreath DIY is super simple and uses a 10-inch foam wreath form. Supplies come in under 10 dollars and all you’ll need to have on hand are a glue gun and a pair of scissors.

I was looking for a smaller wreath to hang in my living room above the couch and had previously purchased a foam 10-inch wreath form from Dollar Tree a few months ago.

In my stash, I also had some nautical rope on hand, and thought that it could be used to make the perfect summer wreath.

Add some pretty daisies (or a floral pick of your choice) and this wreath can be made in a pretty short period of time.

The only supplies you’ll need on hand are scissors and a glue gun.

Read on for the tutorial on this pretty summer wreath using white coastal rope.

Dollar Tree nautical rope wreath DIY made with blue and silvery-white daisies.

Supplies for Summer Coastal Wreath

Supplies including glue gun, foam wreath form, rope, and faux floral daisies.
  • Nautical Rope Cotton 6.8 ft – 4 strands
  • Daisies – 2 bunches
  • 10-inch foam wreath form
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun

All supplies are from Dollar Tree except the glue gun and scissors.

Secure the Rope to the Foam Wreath Form with Hot Glue

First, use a bit of hot glue to secure the first strand of rope to the foam wreath form.

Dab of hot glue on foam wreath form.

Place first strand of rope onto the hot glue to secure it to the wreath form.

Wrap the Rope Around the Form Securing with Hot Glue

Next, you’ll simply begin wrapping the cotton rope around the foam form securing it using the hot glue. I didn’t glue it the whole way around, just like as is shown in the pics.

Wrap the cotton rope around the form using hot glue to secure it.

Continue wrapping the rope and securing it with hot glue.

This is how this summer wreath (to be) looks with one strand of cotton rope glued on the wreath form.

One strand of cotton rope glued around the foam wreath form.

Begin the next strand by applying hot glue and butting the next strand up against the end of the first one.

As much as humanly possible, try to keep the breaks in rope strands towards the back of the wreath.

You will be able to cover some of the imperfections up with the floral at the end though!

Apply hot glue next to the end of the first strand.

After the first strand was completed, I hit a trouble spot. Read on for how I fixed it! 😉

You’ll continue to use hot glue, as you wrap the cotton rope around the form. I found that it was best to apply glue the outer rim or top of the wreath form with the second strand to hold the rope in place more easily.

It helped to apply a little glue to the previous rope loop too to better hold it in place.

Because…what began happening was that since the diameter of the inside is smaller than the outside, there was a “dip” in the rope.

Hot glue applied to the top or outer rim of the form to secure the rope.

When the dip becomes too hard to loop the rope around without it gapping, apply a glob of hot glue to the outer portion of the form.

Glob of hot glue applied to the outer portion of the wreath form where the rope dipped.

Next loop the rope back on itself, covering the dip part or hole.

Loop the rope back on itself, securing with the glob of hot glue.

Then loop it back again once more adding more hot glue as needed.

And then loop it back the other way securing it with hot glue.

Cotton rope wreath with the rope looped back and forth to cover the gap on the top of the foam form.

Now that the gap is closed by looping the cotton rope, continue to wrap the rope around the wreath form.

After the gap is closed, continue wrapping the cotton rope around the foam form.

The first two cotton rope strands are now complete. (We’ll fill in any gaps later in the post)

Half the nautical rope wreath completed using 2 strands of cotton rope.

Finish the Second Half of the Cotton Rope Wreath

Butt the third strand of rope up against the end of the second.

Begin the third strand of rope by butting it up against the end of the second.

Then continue applying the glue and wrapping the third strand of rope.

Wrap the third strand around the wreath form.

Had to do another turnabout to fill in the gap at the top!

Cotton rope doubled back on itself to fill a gap at the top and secured with a glob of hot glue.

Wrapping the third rope around, after the turnabout.

Apply hot glue to the previous rope and wreath form and continue wrapping cotton rope.

Okay, now we’re on to the fourth and final strand of cotton rope. Attach it to the wreath form using the hot glue.

Attaching the fourth strand of cotton rope to the form butting it up against the previous strand.

Just one more turnabout with the rope!

Fill in the gap at the top of the form by making another turnabout with the cotton rope.

Fill in the final gap by wrapping the cotton rope around the form.

Continue wrapping the cotton rope around filling in the final gap.

Once you get to this point, it’s time to get a little creative again.

Wreath form almost completed with a small gap in the cotton rope.

At this point, you’ll glue that final strand to the form and then cut the rope off.

To fill in the gap, cut a small piece of rope off and glue it in there, tucking the ends down so that they aren’t noticeable.

Cut off a piece of rope and glue it in the gap.

There will be one tiny gap left that you’ll need to fill in. I cut a very small piece and glued it into the gap.

Very small piece of cotton rope cut to fill in the final tiny gap.

Here’s how it looks after gluing those two cut pieces onto the wreath form.

Top of the wreath after gluing the two cut pieces to close the gap.

There may be a few small gaps where the turnabouts are located. You can use a small strand of rope to close the gap as shown below.

And you should have a small piece of rope leftover…keep that because we’ll be using it at the end!

Just add a little glue…

Small gap in the rope where the turnabout was located.

And close up the gap using a small bit of the rope.

Add a dab of glue and a small bit of cotton rope to the gap, closing it up.

Finally finished with the wrapping of the cotton rope!

Not perfect, but not too shabby! And that’s the little extra piece of rope that we’ll be using later.

The floral will cover about half the wreath, so pick the half that’s the least attractive to add the daisies to.

Cotton rope wrapped completely around the wreath form.

Add Daisies to the Cotton Rope Wreath

Now it’s time to add the floral to your wreath. I picked up 2 bunches of daisies at Dollar Tree, one bunch was blue and the other silver colored.

You won’t need wire cutters, I just pulled off the flowers off the stem as shown below.

Blue and silver colored faux daisy flowers pulled off the stems.

Clip the flowers off their central stem using a pair of scissors.

Two blue daisies clipped off the central stem that was attaching them.

Tuck the daisies into the gap between the rope, using hot glue to secure them as needed.

Some I was able to push down into the foam to secure them, others needed hot glue.

I began by arranging 3 blue daisies onto the cotton rope wreath.

Tuck the stems between the rope securing with hot glue as needed.

Three blue daisies added to the cotton rope wreath.

Then I clipped some silver-colored daisies to add to the wreath.

Two silver-colored daisies clipped from their central stem.

With some of the daisies, it was easiest to clip them down to short stems.

Then separate the cotton rope a bit and add a dab of hot glue. Press the stem onto the hot glue to adhere the daisy.

Silver-colored daisy being added to rope wreath.

Add three silver-colored daisies to the wreath form. Arrange and add hot glue to secure them.

Three blue daisies added to the cotton wreath followed by three silver-colored daisies.

Pattern of three blue daisies, followed by three silver daisies followed by three blue daisies on cotton rope wreath.

Arrange the daisies in an alternating pattern of three blue and then three silver daisies. I used one bunch of each color.

I ended up with one extra daisy of each color leftover, which were added to the top of the floral bunches on each side.

Here is the final product!

Finished summer nautical rope wreath with blue and silver daisies.

Lastly, use that bit of leftover rope as a hanger on the back of the wreath, securing it with the hot glue.

Back of the wreath with small piece of rope looped and glued at the top for a hanger.

Nautical rope wreath DIY with daisies hung on a hook.

Finishing Up this Summer Rope Wreath Tutorial

And that’s a wrap on this daisy rope wreath tutorial. What are your thoughts?

I like the summery look that the Dollar Tree cotton rope gives this pretty wreath.

The supplies come in under 10 dollars with 1 wreath form, 4 strands of rope, and 2 bunches of daisies at $1.25 each. All you’ll need to have on hand are scissors and a glue gun.

Once you have the rope base, you can substitute any floral you prefer. These daisies come in blue, silver and a peachy color at Dollar Tree.

This wreath has been hanging on the hook for about a week now, and the glue is holding up great! That last little bit was perfect to use as a wreath hanger.

Let me know if you have any questions or if you made this project yourself down in the comments.

And, as always, thanks so much for reading!

Next time you’re out and about, just grab a foam wreath form, floral and nautical rope and craft your own pretty summer wreath.

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Dollar Tree nautical rope wreath with blue and silver daisies.

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