Poseable pom-pom spider DIY

How to Make a Poseable Pom-Pom Spider for Halloween

Halloween is quickly approaching and I’m all about creating spooky DIY home decorations. And what better way than making a crafty pom-pom spider that has wire legs that you can position in all different spaces?

Happy early October! Ah, there’s a reason why Anne of Green Gables said “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”

The leaves, the pumpkins, the crisp autumn air, and of course to cap it all off at the end of the month…Halloween!

If I’m not making DIY costumes for my kids this month, I’m creating DIY Halloween decorations.

So a spooky and crafty pom-pom spider with wire legs that you can reposition and place in all different spaces in your home sounded like a fun decoration to create!

Read on for how you can also make a poseable pom-pom spider that’s perfect for your own Halloween decor!

Grab Supplies for Your Repositionable Pom-Pom Spider

Supplies for yarn pom-pom spider
  • Black Yarn (Walmart)
  • 20 Gauge Floral Wire (Walmart)
  • Bamboo Skewers (Walmart)
  • Black pipe cleaners (Walmart)
  • Wire Cutters (Amazon) are optional, these are like mine!
  • Mod Podge (Walmart)
  • Black Paint (Walmart)
  • Cardstock (Walmart)
  • Sturdy Scissors if you don’t have wire cutters

Make Your Spider Legs with Wire, Bamboo Skewer, and Pipe Cleaners

First, take 4 pieces of your 20 gauge floral wire (make sure it’s 20 gauge as some wire is thinner than others) and wrap them around your bamboo skewer as shown.

It doesn’t have to be exact, but try to get them to be a pretty even length on both sides.

Next, take your black pipe cleaner and anchor it to the knot and skewer, and begin wrapping it down the wire leg. It took me about 1 and 1/2 pipe cleaners for one leg.

After you get to the bottom of the leg, if you have extra pipe cleaner, simply trim it off with wire cutters or sharp scissors.

You can make a loop at the end of the pipe cleaner by bending it up and then wrapping the end around the leg. This makes it easy to hang!

Alternatively, you can fold it up a bit and twist it around as shown in the second picture. This gives the pipe cleaner a little weight at the end and the wire can’t stab ya when hanging. 😉

Repeat with each leg securing the pipe cleaner around your knot/wood skewer and then wrapping down each of the legs.

After you have all of your legs wrapped with pipe cleaners and a loop on each end. Push them all together.

Now take another pipe cleaner and wrap it around the bases of the legs so that they won’t move up and down the skewer, and are secure.

Completed spider legs with wire and pipe cleaners

The spider legs are done!

Create Your Yarn Pom-Poms for Spider Head and Body

Now it’s time to make your pom-poms for the spider head and body.

I used cardstock to cut out two larger circles for my spider body, and two smaller circles for my spider head.

Circular cardstock for pom-poms

My larger circles had an inner diameter of about 1 inch and an outer diameter of 4 and 1/4 inches.

My smaller circles had an inner diameter of 3/4 of an inch and an outer diameter of 2 and 3/4 inches.

Next, begin by wrapping your yarn around your double-ply cardstock as shown. I used approximately 20 feet for my smaller circle and 36 feet for my larger circle. It sounds like a lot but you really do get a ton of yarn in one skein.

You’ll want to wrap it snugly, but not too tight!

After you finish wrapping the yarn around both of your larger and smaller circles, take your scissors and place them between the pieces of cardstock.

Cut all the way around the pom-pom

Cut all the way around your circle.

Next, take another piece of yarn and place it in between the 2 pieces of cardstock. Tie and knot the yarn securing your pom-pom.

Then, gently remove the pieces of cardstock from your pom-pom.

Repeat with the other pom-pom. You should now have two, one large one for the spider body and one small one for the head.

Place Yarn Pom-Poms on Your Skewer

The next step is to place both pom-poms on your skewer where you’ve already connected your wire legs.

Try to skewer the pom-poms in the middle of your knot. Place one at each end creating your head and body.

Place pom-pom head on skewer

Use Fuzzy Pipe Cleaner to Secure Pom-Poms to Skewer

It’s easiest now to bend the legs so that the spider is able to stand up. I made a kink in my pipe cleaner and then bent the loop end so that the spider had feet to stand on. 😉

Now, take one of your pipe cleaners and cut it in half. Wrap it around each end of the bamboo skewer as shown.

This is to make sure your yarn pom-poms stay on there!

I dabbed a little mod podge on the skewer before sliding the pipe cleaners into place next to my pom-poms.

Cut Off Remaining Skewer and Paint Tip

Cut off the remaining end of the skewer on both sides of your spider.

Use a paintbrush or even your finger to put a little bit of black paint on the end, so that you cannot see the wood.

Display Your Hairy Yarn Pom-Pom Spider for Halloween

Completed Poseable Yarn Pom-Pom Spider

Here he is crawling up my wall! 😉

Finishing Up DIY Poseable Pom-Pom Spider Post

What I love about this guy is that he is poseable and can be positioned just about anywhere. On a frame, shelf bracket, or light fixture. The possibilities are endless due to the fact that he has wire legs!

I used a metallic black yarn that I found at Walmart, but you could use any yarn you like in any color! Get creative!

And the pom-pom yarn makes him look like a big, hairy, spooky spider. My kids suggested I give him googly eyes too.

What’s your favorite Halloween decoration? My kids love anything gross and spooky! Tell me in the comments!

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So who’s ready to get into Halloween decorating mode and create a creepy DIY poseable pom-pom spider? I know I’ll be making a few more to put all over my home!

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