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2 Fall Grapevine Wreath DIYs with Eucalyptus

Today, let’s compare DIY grapevine wreaths with dried eucalyptus from Walmart and Hobby Lobby, shall we?

Hey there and fall greetings! The weather in these parts has finally begun getting chillier and windier too. Fall is definitely in the air.

So let’s talk about some fall wreath DIYs. Today I’d like to do a comparison between grapevine wreaths and eucalyptus leaves from two of my frequented places to shop for craft material, Walmart and Hobby Lobby.

I purchased a bundle of dried natural eucalyptus from both stores, as well as a grapevine wreath from both locations.

I’ll show you how I created these easy wreaths which are actually very simple to do and require just a few supplies. I’ll also give you my thoughts on the materials and ease of craft-ability from each store.

Read on for some pretty grapevine fall wreath DIYs made with dried natural eucalyptus.

Eucalyptus Wreath DIY Supplies

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Product List for Both Wreaths

Decide Color Layout for DIY Grapevine Wreaths

These eucalyptus bundles both contained similar colors. Green, brown, and red. First thing that I did was decide which color to start to layer into my wreath.

I chose to start with green. After sticking the stems into the grapevine wreath, I then used my wire cutters to cut small pieces of the brown floral wire to secure them.

I wrapped the floral wire around one of the grapevine branches, then twisted around my eucalyptus stems as shown.

Sometimes I had to curve the floral wire to allow for increased ease of poking it through the grapevine wreath.

After twisting the floral wire securely, trim as needed, and then just poke the ends down into the grapevine wreath.

Continue Weaving In Your Eucalyptus Stems

I started with the green, then wove in pieces of the brown next. You may need to cut them off their central stem before weaving them in.

Remember to have some branches going up toward the top. You also want some going down and around the bottom to cover that area so at the bottom you’re not just seeing all the stem branches.

The grapevine wreaths make it easy to poke in your stems and then secure with floral wire. I love the brown floral wire because it blends in so nicely with the wreaths!

Lastly, weave in your red eucalyptus stems. I had to cut smaller pieces off the central branch. Fill in any gaps that show too much of the grapevine.

As you go, secure each of your eucalypti stems with floral wire.

Here are the (almost) finished autumn grapevine wreaths!

Now let’s just add in some extras! I picked up a bunch of flowers at Walmart, and also picked up a hydrangea pick and some dark purple berries at Hobby Lobby.

First up…Walmart floral!

Tuck flower stems into grapevine wreath

I used my wire cutters to cut 3 of the large red flowers from the bunch that I purchased at Walmart. I removed the leaves and then tucked them each into the grapevine wreath.

Next up…Hobby Lobby floral!

Hydrangea and berry picks tucked into wreath

I tucked the hydrangea pick into the middle of the wreath and then placed the dark purple berry picks on either side. They stick in there really well, but you can secure them with floral wire if needed!

I tied the purple ribbon around the hydrangea pick so that it hung down from the wreath.

Finished fall grapevine wreath DIYs with eucalyptus!

Finishing Thoughts and Comparison of Materials

Who else loves a good compare/contrast, or is it just me?

First a bit about the grapevine wreaths from each store. As you can see in the pictures, the grapevine from Hobby Lobby was a bit smoother and less brambly than the one from Walmart.

Both are priced similarly – between 6 and 7 dollars currently for 18-inch wreaths. And both worked fine to weave my stems and floral wire into. Although the tighter weave and smaller grapevine stems from the Walmart version were just a little bit tougher for this project.

So personally I feel Hobby Lobby wins the draw on the grapevine wreaths. I also picked one from Walmart that wasn’t exactly circular. 🤦‍♀️

I really liked both Eucalyptus stems from each store too, however, I felt the Walmart colors were a bit brighter and more fall-esque, if you will.

Also, the eucalyptus branches weren’t as thick which made them easier to weave in and secure than the Hobby Lobby ones.

The only thing I will have to say though is that the Walmart leaves tore more easily than those from Hobby Lobby making for a more delicate finished wreath.

In the end, I love them both! But which is your favorite? Tell me in the comments!

So which is your favorite DIY autumn grapevine wreath with eucalyptus leaves?

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