Four seashell projects portraying different sea life

Seashell Craft Project for Kids

Super-duper easy and fun seashell craft project coming your way! You can make this shell art with your kids, and it looks beautiful too!

Do your kids collect lots of seashells during your beach vacation? Well then, I have the craft project for you! Best part is that it won’t cost you more than a few dollars to complete.

When my kiddos were small, they would collect loads of broken seashells. You know those clam shell looking ones, that’s the kind they went for. I have a whole container of those broken seashells that they collected from various beach trips.

Now that they’re older, they tend to collect whole ones at least. 😉 But we still have loads of them!

So, here’s an easy craft to do with seashells that won’t cost a lot and actually makes a nice decor piece to display during the summer months.

It’s easiest to do with elementary or middle school kids, but with a little guidance I’m sure even preschoolers could complete this project without too much of a mess!

Seashell projects displayed on a shelf

Seashell Craft Project Supply List

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Absolute best part is you only need 4 supplies and some I’m sure you have on hand! These include:

Supplies for seashell craft project
  • Seashells, of course! In various sizes.
  • Mod Podge – (Walmart or Amazon)
  • Craft Wood – (Walmart)
  • Craft Paintbrush – (Walmart)

Clear Your Surface and Grab Your Art Supplies

It helps to have a clear work surface for kids’ projects. My dining room table usually works well because usually that’s the cleanest room in the house, as we almost always eat at the bar in the kitchen.

Place your various seashell containers nearby or spread out your shells to allow the kiddos to see what they have to work with!

Be sure to have enough glue and paintbrushes for each kiddo. I usually just let them dip their brushes into the mod podge, however you could use a little paint holder such as this one as well. 🙂

Look up a Picture of Sea Creature on the Internet

We looked up several sea creatures on the iPad before creating our seashell art. Find a picture that won’t be too hard to replicate using the seashells.

We found a sea turtle, jellyfish, seahorse and the kids decided they wanted me to make an anglerfish too. It was fun looking up the different sea creatures and talking about their different characteristics.

Create Your Seashell Craft

First, place the seashells in a pattern on your wood board to match your picture, before getting out your mod podge glue.

Place seashells in pattern on wood surface

Remember it doesn’t have to look exactly like the picture, just getting the shape of the creature will make your art look neat!

Next begin gluing your seashells to the board little by little. I would move a few out of the way, apply the glue, and then place them back where they were.

We used a craft paintbrush for most of the shells. For the smaller shells and areas, we decided a toothpick made it easier to apply in smaller regions.

Use toothpick to apply glue for smaller areas

It’s amazing how well the mod podge sticks the seashells to the board, after it dries!

Display Your Seashell Art

Seashell project displayed on a shelf

And that’s all it takes to create this super easy shell craft project. I think this seashell art looks great displayed on a shelf in the summertime!

I also love that it’s inexpensive. The wood craft boards I bought at Walmart for about $1.00 a piece. And the mod podge usually runs around $5.00 for 8 ounces, but it’s great to have on hand for future craft projects!

You can even display this shell art with jars containing your seashell collection, and other treasures that you may have found on your beach trips!

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Now, next time you’re at the beach, collect a few seashells for this super easy shell craft project you can do with your kids!

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4 pictures using seashells and craft wood

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