Neutral fall wreath

How to Make a Neutral Fall Wreath

Ready for a neutral fall wreath DIY just in time for the upcoming autumn season?

Ah, fall is finally in the air! We just had our first frost and the leaves of the trees have changed to colors of all hues! And pumpkin spice is everywhere!

It’s one of my favorite times of the year. It makes me want to create all the things that come with the fall season.

I’m thinking carved pumpkins, warm soups, DIY Halloween costumes, and of course fall wreaths!

This particular wreath I created is made with supplies from Hobby Lobby, one of my all-time favorite craft stores!

This is an indoor wreath as the sola flowers on it can be more on the delicate side. However, it could also be used on a covered porch if you really wanted to put it outdoors!

So without further adieu, these are the steps to making this DIY neutral wreath that is perfect for fall!

Materials for Fall Wreath and Arranging the Bundles

Materials to make fall wreath

First, I gathered my supplies including my steel ring, welcome cut-out, gray coco bundle, and sola flowers.

I also rounded up some old wire ties and jute twine I had on hand, and my glue gun.

I arranged the gray coco bundle into two piles and tied them off with wire ties. You could use old bread ties or ones that came with electronics.

The wire ties won’t be seen because they will be covered by the twine.

Note that I did not use the whole bundle but chose the best stems for the wreath.

Next Secure Bundles to Steel Ring

Crafting a neutral fall wreath

Next, I used another wire tie to secure both of the bundles to the steel ring.

I took my jute twine and wound it around the wires multiple times to ensure a secure connection.

I had jute twine on hand, but you could use any neutral-colored twine or string for the project.

Trim the Bundle Stems and Secure with Hot Glue

String wound around steel ring

After securing the bundles to the ring, I then trimmed the excess stems from the bundles as shown.

I used my trusty glue gun to adhere the twine and stems more securely to the steel ring.

Secure Sola Flower Stems to Your Fall Wreath

Reverse side of wreath

So, this is a picture of the back of our neutral fall wreath, just to give an idea of how it is secured.

I cut some of the stems from the sola flowers and arranged them starting with three at the center. This was in order to hide the knot.

I added the last two toward the bottom of the wreath.

I secured the sola flowers with my glue gun to the steel ring, knot, and also to the bundles depending on where they were located.

Secure your Wood Cut-Out to your Neutral Wreath

Lastly, I secured the wood cut-out to the wreath using the glue gun. One end is attached to the ring, and the other end is attached to one of the sturdier stems from the bundle.

This fall wreath has held up nicely, as I actually completed this project about six months prior.

Fall wreath diy with hoop ring

Finished hoop wreath DIY! I love how the neutral fall colors blend so well together!

Below is a list of the materials I found at Hobby Lobby and Amazon!

This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. This means when you click a link, I may earn a small commission at no cost to you. This helps me to run this website. Thanks in advance for your support!

Product List:

  • 19-inch steel ring
  • Gray Coco bundle
  • Gray sola rose bundle
  • Welcome handwritten chipboard shape – large
  • Jute Twine
  • My Favorite Glue Gun
  • Wire ties

Concluding Thoughts on Fall Wreath DIY

Wait…you might say?! Didn’t she say this DIY fall wreath was under twenty dollars?

Well, it absolutely can be! I did exclude the jute twine, glue gun, and wire ties from the total though.

Many people already have those supplies somewhere in their homes. And if not, they are definitely a good and inexpensive investment for future craft and DIY projects.

As for the other supplies, I always wait until items at Hobby Lobby are on sale before buying!

Which is how the first four materials on the list came out under twenty dollars!

Hobby Lobby cycles their sale items and also always offers a 40% off coupon for regularly priced items.

So even if not all of your items are on sale the same week, you can supplement the coupon for one regularly priced item.

I found a fantastic and comprehensive post at that I am linking for you here! It details the sale cycles and materials that go on sale regularly, even the holiday ones! So awesome!

Thanks so much for stopping by and reading this post! If you tried this fall wreath or something similar let me know in the comments!

Now, let’s create a DIY wreath with warm neutral colors, just in time for fall!

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