Funny moments with the worst dog ever

Funny Moments With The Worst Dog Ever

I’m sure many of you out there have had, at one time in your lives, a challenging fur friend. We do right at this moment! Please enjoy reading some of our funny moments with the worst dog ever.

Angel Dog

Before I begin this post on our most current furry friend, let me preface it with the fact that we had what could only be called an angel dog for 12 years. He passed away a few summers ago and we still miss him.

He was a gentle soul. Great with all of my kids even when they were babies. Part human, if you ask me. So I know he is looking down on us and watching over my kids because they were his favorite humans.

The New Dog

A few year’s later, enter our current fur friend, Gizmo. Yes, we named him because of the 1980’s movie Gremlins. However, in retrospect, we should have named him Stripe (the “bad” gremlin for those of you who haven’t watched the movie).

To his credit, my husband was against getting a dog, and it turns out he was right. Just this once anyway.

When Gizmo was a puppy he did quite a few things that should have tipped me off that he was going to be the opposite of our old dog.

Funny Moments With The Worst Dog Ever

I had rolled up a big, new I might add, area rug I have in my hallway while we were house training him. Moved it all the way into the office which is not one of the commonly used areas of the house.

I went in there to print something from the computer and realized that the little bum (although in my mind I used a stronger word) had purposely gone out of his way to go in there. He had absolutely, positively put a direct number 2 right on my rolled-up rug. Smeared it in and everything.

I’m not sure how he accomplished this since we had been watching him closely and it wasn’t even on his way anywhere! My head about blew off my shoulders!

Even as a pup, this dog was a bit of a brute. I tried to train him to do his business in a certain area of the yard. So instead of putting him out on a line, we would walk him out there with a leash.

Well, he would use the bathroom, and then as you were trying to walk him back up to the house, he would grab your pant leg or sandals and try to drag you down to the ground. I could hardly make it back up to the house some days.

More Doggone Dog Antics

So as he’s gotten bigger he really likes to continue biting people’s shoes, but he’s taken it to a new level. When he’s out on his long line in the yard, the kids will run through his area. He does his best to tackle them down.

When I’m out there too, I sometimes carry the beeper to his shock collar to help him behave, He knows this. So when he’s about to tackle a kid, he will look my way to see if I’m observing what he is doing. If I am, he won’t do it. However, if my back is turned down goes one of the kids. Sneaky little imp!

We’re pretty sure he’s not the brightest bulb in the pack either. My kid got a laser pointer for his birthday because the dog likes to chase lights. He will run through the house chasing the light, convinced he will someday catch it.

When it is pointed at the cabinet, he will continuously bounce his face off of it trying in vain to eat the light. I’ve seen cats try to hunt lights, but never dogs. This one is an original.

And More…

Oh and did I mention the shadow monsters? My husband and kids noticed one day that he has an affinity for shadows.

When there is a shadow on the wall at night, he will bark and attack the wall. So they make a game of it. He runs from wall to wall trying to catch the shadow people. I could give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he’s trying to protect the family from fake, wall creatures, but I somehow doubt it.

Our old dog used to jump right up into the back of our SUV to go for rides. This guy refuses to do that. Instead, he puts his front paws up in the hatch, and then we have to lift him in. He’s not light either, coming in at about 85-90 lbs.

And one last thing. Just as you’re about to sit down after a long day of work, the dog barks incessantly. Not for 2-3 minutes, more like 15-20 minutes. And it’s super loud and deep.

Oh and he spits his drool out at you while he’s barking. Bonus. No small yippy yappy little dog here. We’re not sure how he doesn’t lose his voice with all the barking.

Is There Hope For Him?

Well, is there hope? The verdict is still out on that. He can pull my littlest ones across the house on a blanket like they are in the Anchorage Dog Sled Race. So he provides a bit of entertainment for the kids.

Oh and he does play “keep the balloon from touching the floor”, a game that the kids do enjoy. I’m still trying to think of some other good points. If I come up with any, I’ll be sure to update this post. 😉

The Take Away

If you have an angel dog, like we had, in your house right now, I’d think long and hard before getting another one. You might just end up like us, experiencing funny, albeit annoying, moments with the worst dog ever.

Comment below with any of your own favorite, humorous pet stories and antics!

2 thoughts on “Funny Moments With The Worst Dog Ever”

  1. Your dog sounds like our new American bulldog bully cross. He’s a nightmare! My 6year old Lhasapoo is an absolute angel but then my daughter got an XL bully who is now 15months and did her fair share of destruction. Just as she was settling down, my daughter thought she’d agree to take on a puppy that was given to her. He is the nightmare, or as we call him Hooch after the dog in the 80’s film turner and hooch. He barks all the time for attention, he barks at the telly, at the washing machine, at the microwave. He attacks my overlocker when I’m sewing. He attacks the broom and the vacuum. He even picked a fight with the lawnmower when I was cutting the grass and took a wheel off! He has destroyed so many of their beds and cushions I stopped counting but luckily as yourself, I can sew. He chews furniture legs and skirting boards… He’s only 7 months but he’s already cost me an absolute fortune. Also he’s had so many accidents on the rug I have to throw it away and he pees regularly on his bed! He’s driving me to despair so much so that I’m looking forward to the day my daughter moves out and takes him with her! Don’t get me wrong, he is really lovable with his goody face and his dangly legs but I was used to an angel dog who looked after his toys not the devil who destroy everything in his path. His latest antics: he ate my sewing machine cover and one of the button on the front of it! So I can totally feel for you and your pooch.

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