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Humorous Adventures in the Parent Pick-Up Line

Who here knows what I mean by humorous adventures in the parent pick-up line? I get to do a bunch of observing because my littlest insists that I do my best to be first in line to pick her up.

That means that I get to stand outside in the cold for at least 10 minutes waiting for the doors to open up. Parents used to be allowed inside but due to Covid restrictions that is no longer.

My husband was home from work early the other day and I asked if he wanted to ride along. He chose to stay at home with the dog. Then, while standing in the freezing cold, wind whipping across the school parking lot, I get this text. “Cold out there?” and then a minute later “BAHAHAHAHA!” Funny guy.

Me at Parent Pick Up

There are lots of different folks that come to the parent pick up whom I have observed while standing in line. But first I’m going to poke some fun at myself.

You’ll recognize me in the worn jeans, and hand me down coat I got from a lady at work’s daughter. I’ll also be wearing my white knit hat with a brim that I’ve had for ages that’s missing a button on one side. Along with my black fur boots (which I love and my husband incessantly makes fun of).

To complete the outfit I wear my Covid mask that I inherited from one of my kids, that the school actually supplied and he chose to donate to me.

I kind of slouch (gotta work on that) and I must give off some weird vibe because I feel like other people sort of look at me funny. Or maybe it’s the outfit? Or my introverted behavior?

Who knows really? I saw a saying once that said “having a weird mom builds character” so I tell my children I’m working on theirs.

The Guy Who’s Always On the Phone

This guy always cracks me up. He’s always, and I mean always on his cell phone. Literally every time I see him.

And he’s not a quiet talker either. I’ve overheard (not intentionally) everything from soccer practice scheduling to what I assume are work calls.

I just saw him while freezing out there the other day, walking across the parking lot, phone to his ear. Driving away in his car, still on the phone.

It’s amazing. Maybe he’s trying to get all of his business out of the way before he picks up the kids? Maybe he’s on top secret missions all the time and he’s creating a diversion. It’s really something I wonder about.

The Grandmas and Grandpas

Hey, no poking fun at the grandparents ok? Just want to give them a shout out for helping to pick up the grandkids and watching them until their parents get home. Going the extra mile!

My mom used to be a big help with my kids when they were smaller and she isn’t able to anymore. I miss that. So no dissing the grandparents!

The Fashionistas

Everyone knows them, am I right? They’re out there picking up the kids with their fashionable sunglasses, perfect hair, leather boots, and tailored wool coats.

Now most probably come from work so they need to dress in professional office attire, I totally get that. But my nerdy wallflower self thinks they may just have some sort of cool mom club too. Again, why was I not invited to join? Is it the hat, or maybe the boots?

The “I Just Came From the Gym” Folks

You’ve seen these guys too. Both moms and dads have this look. They’ve got their work out leggings on for the moms. For dads, their sport shorts on.

Fashionable tennis shoes. Probably an apple watch or fit bit to make sure they’re recording all their steps. Hair usually tied back in a pony tail or bun for moms, and baseball cap on for the dads. Maybe a water bottle to go with the outfit too.

And always, I mean always, walking at a pace that gets their heart rate up! I’ve even seen some jogging in place in line…no I’m kidding about that one.

It Takes All Kinds

All kinds of parents make up this world. And you know what, the world needs all of them. You are the absolute perfect parent for your kiddos. It’s not by accident we are who we are. So you do you…yep, even you, phone talking guy!

But also remember. Don’t ever take yourself too seriously. Laugh at your flaws. Learn from your mistakes. Try your best at all you do. Teach your kids to do the same. And that’s all I have to say for now. 😉

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Do you have some humorous adventures in the parent pick-up line? Have some funny stories to share? Please leave a comment!

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