FInished Valentine wreath hung on decorative fence.

Farmhouse Valentine Wreath DIY

This super simple, neutral-inspired Valentine’s Day wreath is made with a grapevine wreath form, small pink flowers, and white felt hearts. Perfect for your modern farmhouse style!

Boy, the days in January and February seem to be long ones. After the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it seems like the days go by so slowly this time of the year.

However, maybe this gives us time to rest and recharge, and to prepare for Spring when there will be flowers to buy, gardens to plant, and lawns to mow. Oh, and can’t forget weeds to whack too. 😉

I’ve been putting together a few Valentine DIYs for the upcoming month of February. Today, I want to share a simple grapevine wreath that is neutral-inspired, but with a little fun touch of pink.

A nice part is that the hearts are removable, so this wreath can easily transition into your Spring front door decor.

Here is the super easy tutorial for this farmhouse-style grapevine Valentine wreath.

Finished grapevine Valentine wreath hung on decorative fence.

Supplies for Valentines Wreath DIY

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Supplies including wreath form, felt, cookie cutter, scissors, glue gun and wire cutters.
Brown floral wire
  • Grapevine Wreath 18- inch (Hobby Lobby)
  • 2 Pink Flower Stems (Hobby Lobby)
  • White Felt (Walmart)
  • Heart Cookie Cutters-the second to last smallest (4 cm high) is a similar size to mine (Amazon)
  • Glue Gun (Amazon or Walmart)
  • Wire Cutters-similar to mine (Amazon)
  • Scissors
  • Brown Floral Wire (Amazon)

Clip Branches from Floral Stem

Pink flowered branches clipped from central stem

First, clip your branches of pink flowers from the central stem (keep it because we’ll be using it later)! I used two of these stems from Hobby Lobby. They were half off so they came out to about 7 dollars for both stems.

BTW floral is half-off every other week, so it’s a good idea to check the website to make sure it’s a half off week before heading to the store!

Weave Branches into Grapevine Wreath and Secure With Wire

Weave your pink floral branches into your grapevine wreath and secure the unruly ends with the brown floral wire. Arrange them until you like the look.

I used two of the pink flower stems for my wreath. Below I have pics of one floral stem vs two floral stems woven into the grapevine wreath.

Create Your Felt Hearts for Grapevine Valentine Wreath

Trace hearts onto your white felt using your cookie cutters as a template. I linked a similar-sized set to the ones that I have above in the supply list. I am using the 4 cm high cookie cutters for this wreath.

Next clip off a portion of your floral central stem. The one that you clipped your flower branches from before weaving them into the wreath.

Hot Glue the Felt Hearts to the Floral Stem

First, decide where you want the heart positioned on your grapevine wreath. This helps to determine at what angle to glue your stem onto your heart.

Then, use your hot glue to secure the felt heart to the stem, and place another felt heart on top.

So, in the picture above left, I wasn’t happy with the stem being so visible on the felt.

I decided to glue one more felt heart onto the top to cover the stem up a bit more.

Picture of two felt hearts on wreath. The top one is 3 ply felt and the bottom is 2 ply felt.

Close-up to show the difference! The top heart is 3 ply and hides the stem better. The bottom heart is only 2 ply.

I was still able to use only one piece of felt and cut out a total of 21 hearts!

Arrange Felt Hearts and Display Your Farmhouse Valentine Wreath

After you’ve finished gluing all your felt hearts onto the stems and positioned them on the grapevine form, it’s time to hang your wreath!

You can use the brown floral wire (highly recommend this stuff as it blends in so well for wreath making) as needed to help them stay in place. However, mine stuck in there just fine without wire!

Then the white hearts can be easily removed to transition this pretty wreath right into Spring decor!

This neutral grapevine wreath with white felt hearts and a touch of pink floral is super easy and will complement your modern farmhouse Valentine’s Day decor!

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Grapevine Valentine wreath DIY with white felt hearts.

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