Two DIY waterless snow globes made with Dollar Tree Supplies

Dollar Tree DIY Snow Globe

Want to make a quick and easy Christmas project with your kiddos? This waterless DIY snow globe craft is made with all Dollar Tree supplies and can be used for your holiday decor.

The month of December is flying by as it always does. So, it’s fun to take a moment and do a simple Christmas craft before the holiday season comes to a close.

These little Christmas figurines I saw at the Dollar Tree are adorable. I found ones with Santa and a snowman, and also a bench and some cute fencing to add to your snow globe.

This DIY snow globe is made without water so it’s a little less messy than a traditional snow globe. You can even add fairy lights, also from the Dollar Tree, to add a little sparkle.

Now let’s check out how to make a snow globe from Dollar Tree that you can create easily with your kiddos.

DIY Snow Globe Dollar Tree Supplies

You can pick and choose which figurines you would like to place in your snow globe. We purchased Santa and snowman figurines along with a bench, light posts, and some fencing. Plus, little bottle brush trees.

  • Glass Jar with Lid
  • Fairy Lights
  • Faux Snow
  • Figurines and Bottle Brush Trees
  • Glue Gun
  • Cardstock

Cut Out Circles for Base of Globe from Card Stock

Trace around the bottom of your glass jar with a pen or pencil. Then cut your circle out a little smaller than the line you made.

This ensures that it will be able to fit into the bottom of the jar.

Try your circle of cardstock paper out inside your jar and trim a little more if need be.

Place cardstock in jar to make sure it fits.

Use Hot Glue to Adhere Figurines to the Cardstock

It’s a good idea to try out a few different designs as a trial run before you get out the hot glue gun!

Once you have your design the way you like it, it’s time to get the glue gun ready.

You can be the best judge of if your kiddos can use a hot glue gun by themselves or if they need a little help. I know they make lo-temp versions now for little ones, but we haven’t tried them out yet.

You can do glue the figurines onto the cardstock one of two ways

One of my kiddos placed the cardstock paper in the jar first and then placed a dab of glue onto the bottom of the figurine. Then she placed them carefully into the jar adhering them to the cardstock.

My other kiddo glued them all onto the cardstock while it was outside of the jar. Then when all the figurines were glued on, we gently placed the cardstock down into the jar. Both ideas worked out fine!

Below are pics of her placing the glue on first and then positioning them onto the cardstock inside the jar.

Shown below is how my son glued his onto the cardstock first before gently placing them into the glass jar.

Figurines glued onto cardstock before being placed in the jar

Pour Faux Snow into the Dollar Tree Snow Globe

Once your figurines are inside your jar and placed the way you want them. Next, it’s time to pour your faux snow into the far to cover the cardstock.

Push it around to make sure all the cardstock is covered up.

Pour faux snow into your jar

Place Fairy Lights in Your Waterless Snow Globe

Next, you can jazz your snow globe up with fairy lights. We placed a few lines of hot glue onto the battery compartment and glued it to the jar lid.

Just be sure that you place the opening for the battery compartment on the outside, so you’re able to replace your batteries.

Also, ensure that the battery compartment is in the middle of the lid, so that you are able to screw the lid back on. (Ask me how I know this 😉 ).

Alternatively, you could use command strips to secure your fairy lights to the jar lid.

Then, arrange your fairy lights down inside your jar around the figurines and screw on the cap.

Pic of completed snow globe with fairy lights

And that’s a wrap! So easy and a cute holiday craft to make with the kiddos!

Finished Waterless Dollar Tree Snow Globe Designs

I was really pleased with the ease of this DIY snow globe craft project and the kiddos enjoyed creating them for Christmas!

They are even pretty enough to be displayed with your holiday decor which the kiddos really love.

We bought these fairy lights at Dollar Tree, and they don’t come with timers. You could easily buy some from Walmart that do have timers and you would save yourself the effort of switching them on and off!

So, tell me down in the comments what you think of these DIY snow globes made with Dollar Tree supplies. And please let me know if you tried out the project yourself!

Now who’s ready to head to the local Dollar Tree? Gather a few jars, figurines, fairy lights and faux snow, and create this simple and pretty Christmas craft!

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Waterless snow globe craft made with Dollar Tree supplies

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