2 wood bead and heart Valentine's Day garlands

Easy Wood Heart and Bead Valentine’s Day Garland

Neutral Valentine’s Day garland DIY using wood hearts and beads for your farmhouse-style home decor.

Just a month until Valentine’s Day, so I’m ready to create some DIY home decor in honor of the upcoming holiday of love.

Did you know that one way they think Valentine’s Day originated is that the Roman Emperor Claudius II put to death St. Valentine? He was executed because he was performing marriages in secret for young people in love. Claudius II had outlawed marriage because he believed that single men would perform better in battle. How’s that for some warm fuzzies? You can read more about the origins of Valentine’s Day in this post from history.com.

Anywho, on to some fun stuff…

I’ve never been all about bright red and pink colors, however, neutral Valentine’s Day decor is totally something I can get behind. 😉

So, let’s create some wood heart Valentine’s Day garland with wood beads, shall we? And we’ll try out two different styles that are super easy to create at home with just a few supplies!

Natural Wood Heart and Bead with Cotton String

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Supplies for cotton string and natural wood heart and bead garland

***Note: I went ahead and purchased another variation (the Meetppy brand which is the last wood heart link). The holes were bigger on this brand. Therefore, I adjusted the initial length of the string from 12 feet to 15 feet because I had to double knot after I pulled the string through the wood heart to keep it in place. ***

Other than that, the rest of the tutorials remained the same.

Below are pics to compare the two different wood hearts that I purchased and used.

Now, on to the tutorials!

First, Measure Cotton String & Make Loop

First, I measured out 12 feet of cotton string. This allowed me to make a garland that was about 5 feet in length.

After measuring and cutting the string, I made a loop on the end of one side of the string. This was the beginning of the garland strand.

Make a loop at the end of cotton string

Make Knots and Add Wood Beads

After making your loop, then begin by making your first knot. All my knots were double knots to ensure that the wood beads were secure.

Place a small piece of scotch tape around the end without the loop. This makes it easier to string the beads. Add a wood bead and then double knot the string again to secure it in place.

I placed 3 natural wood beads in a row, double knotting each between them.

Add Wood Hearts Between Beads

Next, it’s time to add your wood hearts to the garland. I found that the easiest way to do this was to use a toothpick.

Break a toothpick in half so that the end is blunter, and then push the string through the back of the wood heart.

Pull the string through and then make a single knot. Next, pull the knot tight against the wood heart so that it is secure.

Look at the distance between your previous double knot and the wood heart. Then make the next double knot in your strand about the same distance from the heart.

Tie next knot an equal distance from wood heart

Continue Pattern Until Garland is Finished

Continue in this pattern until you have about 10 hearts and 33 wood beads. This should give you a 5-foot garland strand.

After finishing the last set of 3 wood beads, then make your final loop at the end for hanging.

Make final loop for hanging after finishing garland

The last thing to do is to cut the excess string from the knot on your wood heart. I then frayed the end a little with my finger.

And that’s all folks, your garland is ready for hanging on your mantel!

Next up is a variation of the same Valentine’s Day garland using jute twine and wood hearts and wood beads that I painted white.

White Wood Heart and Bead Garland with Jute Twine

This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. This means when you click a link, I may earn a small commission at no cost to you. This helps me to run this website. Thanks in advance for your support!


Supplies for white wood heart and bead, and jute twine garland

Paint Wood Hearts and Wood Beads

I gave each of my 10 wood hearts 2 coats of white paint on the front, and one coat on the back using a craft paintbrush.

Wood hearts painted white

The easiest way that I’ve found to paint wood beads is to place a small amount of white paint in a plastic container. Then place a few drops of water in with the paint.

Mix it with a plastic spoon, and then place your wood beads in the container. Put the lid on the container and shake it around.

When all the wood beads have a coat of paint on them, then empty them onto a paper towel. I moved them around with my plastic spoon until they were all separated and hole side up.

Wood beads drying on paper towel

Let dry for a few hours, then repeat the process again. Two coats of white paint worked out well.

Measure Jute Twine Then String Beads and Hearts

Just as noted above, I measured out 12 feet of jute twine, cut it, and made a loop at one end.

Next, I made a double knot in my jute twine and placed my white wood bead on, double knotting after the bead as well.

String 3 wood beads knotting before and after each. Then place your white wood heart on using the method described above with the toothpick.

This knotting technique allows the heart to hang facing forward and not turn and twist.

Continue this pattern until you have 10 white wood hearts and 33 white wood beads. Then make another loop at the end.

Completed white wood heart and bead garland

Your jute twine and white wood heart and bead Valentine’s Day garland is completed!

Finish Your Easy Valentine’s Day Garland DIY with Wood Hearts and Beads

2 wood bead and heart Valentine's Day garlands

And that’s a wrap! Which look is your favorite? The white cotton string and natural wood hearts and beads?

I myself am partial to the jute twine and white wood hearts and beads. I like the way the white contrasts with the brown jute twine.

And I love that there are only a few supplies to craft either of these two garlands. Makes the process so super simple to create!

And because they are both neutral colors, they can blend into any home decor!

Valentine’s Day Wreath Using White Clay Hearts

Simple Wood Bead and Heart Wreath

Now, who’s ready to craft some neutral Valentine’s Day garland DIY perfect for your farmhouse-style decor?

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