Square rope wreath made with Hydrangea and Lilac floral.

Neutral DIY Spring Wreath Dollar Tree

This neutral spring wreath was made with all Dollar Tree supplies including a square wire frame. A bit of rope and pretty white flowers complete this unique square wreath that’s perfect for your front door.

Hi there, you all! Here comes another Dollar Tree wreath DIY to give your front door a bit of springtime or summer pizzazz.

I don’t know about you, but I love the look of woods and whites together. And while this wreath doesn’t have any wood in it, it does have jute rope that gives the same brown wood look.

I found these pretty white flowers including lilac and hydrangea in the Dollar Tree floral section and thought they would make an understated, neutral, wood/white look wreath when combined with the jute rope.

Let me tell you all though, a square wreath is a lot harder to wrap with rope. I had a few choice words for those corners, but I made it. Do tell, if someone knows an easier trick for those blasted corners!!

Well then, on to the tutorial to create this square floral and rope wreath made with all Dollar Tree supplies and just a few other tools you may already have on hand!

Dollar Tree square rope wreath with Hydrangea and Lilac flowers

Dollar Tree Square Rope Wreath Supplies

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Supplies including square wreath form, faux flowers, jute rope, and glue gun.
  • Square Wreath Form
  • Jute Rope 8 foot (7 strands)
  • Lilac Floral Stems (2 stems)
  • Hydrangea Floral Stems (2 stems)
  • Glue Gun
  • Scissors (not pictured)
  • Wire Cutters (not pictured but like mine)

***Quick note that there are two kinds of jute rope sold at Dollar Tree. For this tutorial, I used the 8-foot rope***

Trim Leaves Off of Faux Hydrangea and Lilac Floral Stems

First, cut all of the leaves off both the lilac and hydrangea stems using a pair of scissors. I used two stems of each type for my wreath.

Begin Wrapping the Square Wreath Form with Jute Rope

Ok, so first I began weaving my jute rope in and out on a straight stretch of the square wire wreath form.

I flipped the wire form over so that the middle part was sticking out toward the back, instead of the front.

I only wrapped the jute rope around the top and bottom wire, and not through the middle wire.

Wrap Jute Rope Around the Corner of the Wreath Form

Once you get to the corner, that’s where the fun starts! πŸ˜‰ I had a few choice words for the corners, but this is how I ended up doing it after trying a few different things.

Continue weaving jute rope until you get to the corner.

Continue weaving the jute rope in and out, until you get close to the corner.

At the corner wrap about 3-4 loops around only the outer wire.

You may have to wrap a few loops without weaving. Then wrap the rope about 3-4 times only around the outer wire.

Next wrap several loops around just the outer and middle wires.

Next, wrap the rope 3-4 times around the outer and middle wires of the square wreath form. The corners are the only times you’ll be wrapping around the middle wire.

Wrap around the outer and middle wires until you come finish the corner section.

Wrap around the outer and middle wire sections until you finish the corner, and the rope is “straight across enough” to begin weaving again.

When the rope strand ends, use hot glue to secure it at the back of wreath.

When your current rope strand runs out, use your glue gun to secure it at the back of the wreath. You’ll have to hold it there for a bit, while the hot glue dries and sticks.

One corner finished on square rope wreath.

Ok, phew, the first corner is done! To be honest, mine all weren’t exactly perfect when it was finished. But they’ll do! I’m going to take you through how I completed the rest of the entire rope-wrapped wreath form in pictures. Here we go….

Continue Wrapping Rope Around Square Wreath Form

Secure the next strand to the back of the wreath. Place hot glue on the rope, to secure the beginning of the next strand to the previous strand.

Then continue weaving the jute rope along the straight stretch toward the next corner.

I ran out right at the corner, but just used the hot glue to secure the rope at the back of the wreath, and then completed the next corner. I didn’t grab pics of the second corner. But here’s how it’s coming along so far. Not perfect, but fine! πŸ˜‰

Head to the Third Corner as You Weave Your Jute Rope

Keep that weaving going until you reach the third corner! Then, as before, wrap the loops only around the outer wire about 3-4 times.

Then, wrap loops 3 or 4 times around the outer and middle wires (as shown below), until you come to a straight section, and you can begin weaving again.

You’ll have to push the rope together and can also use hot glue on the back of the wreath if there is a gap.

Begin weaving again once you get to the straight section, and simply hot glue in the back to the previous strands when you run out.

Head to the Fourth Corner and Finish Wrapping the Rope

Here are the remaining pics of the last corner and finishing up the wrapping portion of this neutral rope wreath.

Weave on through and hot glue in the back when the strand runs out.

Hot glue your new strand and continue on to complete the last corner.

I had one small gap to close up with one more roll of the jute rope. Then, I secured it in the back portion. That part doesn’t have to look pretty! πŸ˜‰

Ok! The rope wrapping for this neutral spring wreath is finally completed. Here’s how it looks! πŸ™‚

Square wire wreath frame completely wrapped with jute rope.

Add White Lilac and Hydrangea Flowers to the Rope Wreath

Alrighty, well we’ve done the hard part, and this is the easy one! All we have left is to add some pretty white flowers to this brown jute wreath.

First, pick the corner that’s the ugliest. That’s what I did! Since the flowers will cover that corner.

Snip Hydrangea flowers off central stem with wire cutters.

There was no way I could shove the central stem into this wreath. Cut the individual flowers from the central stem using wire cutters.

Push hydrangea stems into the rope at the corner of the wreath.

Tuck the hydrangea stems into the rope at the corner of the wreath.

Can place a dab of hot glue to secure stem to rope.

You can place a small dab of hot glue, to secure the stem to the rope as needed.

Arrange Hydrangea flowers at the corner of the wreath.

Arrange the Hydrangea stems at the corner of the wreath, tucking them into the rope. I used 2 bunches of Hydrangeas for mine.

Add Lilac flower stems above and below the Hydrangea stems.

Cut the Lilac flowers from the central stem and tuck them into the rope on each side of the Hydrangeas.

Lilac stems tucked in and arranged on the side of the Hydrangeas.

I used one bunch of Lilac flowers cut from their central stem on each side of the hydrangeas.

Tuck white Lilac flowers in on the other side of the hydrangeas.

Tuck the white Lilac flowers into the rope on the other side of your Hydrangeas. Secure with hot glue as needed. The rope was pretty tight, so I ended up securing some, but not all of the stems.

Tuck additional Hydrangea stems in as needed to fill it out.

I also ended up tucking some additional Hydrangea stems toward the bottom of the wreath. I used 2 bunches of the Hydrangeas in total.

Picture of completed rope wreath with Hydrangea and Lilac flowers.

Here’s the finished square rope wreath with white Hydrangea and Lilac flowers.

Picture of the back of the completed wreath.

Here’s a quick peek at the back of the wreath too!

And one more peek at it hanging on my door. It’s hanging by the rear wire on these cool suction cup wreath hangers that I found on Amazon. They work great if you have a glass front door to suction them to!

Square spring Dollar Tree wreath hanging on front door.

Finishing Up this Neutral Rope Springtime Wreath DIY

So, do you think this wood/white-looking, neutral wreath would be a perfect addition to your front door decor?

I don’t know about you, but Hydrangeas and Lilacs are two of my favorite flowers! And I love them on a wreath too!

Aside from those dang corners πŸ˜‰ this wreath was really easy to make.

And since we oriented that middle wire section of this square wreath toward the back, it can be used to hang it on your door.

This floral and rope wreath was also budget friendly coming in around 15 dollars which isn’t too shabby! That’s 1.25 for the wreath form, 7 bundles of jute rope, 2 Hydrangea stems, and 2 Lilac stems totaling 15 dollars (without tax).

It’s amazing all the great wreath supplies you can find at the Dollar Tree! Happy Crafting! And, as always, thanks so much for reading!

Next time you’re out and about, grab a few Dollar Tree supplies including a square wire wreath form, white Hydrangea and Lilac flowers, and a few strands of jute rope to create this pretty, neutral wreath to hang on your door!

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Square rope wreath made with Dollar Tree Supplies

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