Two finished DIY Dollar Tree bunny wreaths for farmhouse easter decor.

Dollar Tree Bunny Wreath DIY (Neutral Easter Decor)

Ready to make two DIY 8-inch neutral easter bunny wreaths for under 15 dollars? These cuties go great with farmhouse neutral home decor and all supplies are from Dollar Tree!

Easter is on its way and so springtime should be right around the corner. I’ve seen some daffodils springing up which is a sure sign of warmer weather to come.

As I was browsing the easter section of Dollar Tree after work one day, I came across these cute bunny wood cut-outs with pom-pom tails. I was actually looking for larger cut-outs but wasn’t able to find any.

I always like to check the wreath form section too, to see if the store has any new arrivals. There, I found a 2-pack of 8-inch wire wreaths. Since the wood bunnies were small in size, I thought it might be a good match up.

I headed to the rope section to see what they had in stock. There wasn’t any nautical rope available, but I picked up a few coils of the jute wire rope. This is the same rope that worked so well for my Bicycle Wheel Wreath DIY.

The great thing about the wire jute rope is that it’s so easy to use and requires very little other supplies to create a wreath.

Ok, enough about my tour of the Dollar Tree store. I hear ya…just get to the bunny wreath tutorial will ya? 😉 Ok here it is!

Dollar Tree Neutral Easter Wreath DIY Supplies

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Supplies including jute wire, 8-inch wreath forms, bunny wood cut-outs and glue gun.
  • 2-pack of 8-inch wreaths
  • Wood bunny cut-outs
  • Wired Jute Twine ( 9 rolls)
  • Glue Gun
  • Wire Cutters (like mine)

Not too many supplies, and that always makes me happy. The simpler the project the better!

***You’ll need about 4 and a half rolls of jute wire for each wreath***

Wrap the Jute Wire Around the Wreath Form

First things first, start wrapping your jute wire around the 8-inch wreath form.

Wrap end of jute wire around middle wire of wreath form to anchor.

I wrapped the end around the middle wire, and then started wrapping the jute wire around and around the wreath form.

8-inch wreath form with jute wire wrapped around it.

Continue wrapping the jute twine around the wreath form. This wire is quite thick and stays put on the form.

Wreath form with the end of the first strand of jute wire tucked inside the wreath.

Once you finish up one strand, simply tuck the end into the jute wire tunnel. 🙂

Begin wrapping a new strand around, but first anchor it to the middle wire.

Anchor the next strand to the middle wire of the wreath form and begin wrapping again.

Continue wrapping the jute wire around the wreath form, pushing the strands together as you go.

Jute wire wrapped around form with a small section left to complete.

Up to this point, I used about 4 jute wire rolls or strands.

Wrap final jute wire strand around middle wreath form.

Wrap final jute wire strand around middle portion of wreath form. I needed about 1/2 of the last (5th) roll to complete my first wreath.

After wrapping the jute wire around the entire form, make a loop with the twine.

Make a loop with the remaining jute wire as shown in the picture.

Wrap the jute wire around one more time, and then bring it through the center of the loop.

Wrap the wire around the front of the wreath and then through the loophole.

Now wrap the jute wire around the bottom of the loop a few times.

Now wrap the jute wire around the bottom of the loop a few times.

Clip the remaining jute wire with your wire cutters. Then, tuck the end into the wreath.

Save the other half of this jute wire roll for your second 8-inch wreath!

Hot Glue the Wood Bunny Cut-Outs to the Easter Wreath

Ok, well the tough and time-consuming part of winding the wire around and around the wreath form is over. Phew!

Next is the super easy part of hot gluing the wood bunnies onto your wreath. I used three of the wood cut outs on my wreath.

Jute wreath with 3 wood cut-out bunnies next to it.

Start with the central bunny and glue him at the bottom, opposite your hanging loop.

Glue the second bunny to the left of the first bunny. I tried to keep the bottom of the bunny in line with the wreath. And I made sure their ears weren’t touching.

Glue the third wood bunny to the right of the central bunny using hot glue.

Hot glue the third wood bunny to the right of the central bunny using hot glue.

Finished jute wire wreath with 3 wood bunnies.

Here’s the finished jute and wood bunny wreath. I made 2 of these 8-inch wreaths with my Dollar Tree supplies.

Wrappin’ Up the Dollar Tree Neutral Easter Wreath DIY

So, what do you all think? I think they turned out kinda cute and affordable. And the neutral colors blend in with any decor.

These are super simple to create, and all the supplies are from Dollar Tree, as long as you have wire cutters and a glue gun on hand.

You can make two 8-inch wreaths for under 15 dollars which is a win too!

Are you team neutral decor or all out color and pastels for Easter? Tell me down in the comments!

So next time you’re out and about, head to Dollar Tree and grab just a few supplies to make these cute jute wire and wood bunny Easter wreaths!

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Farmhouse style easter bunny wreaths made with Dollar Tree supplies.

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