Picture of yarn hearts handing on jute twine on a chalkboard.

Heart Pom Pom DIY

Neutral farmhouse Valentine’s Day decor is always in style. These cute little white pom-pom hearts with jute twine will add a pretty touch to a mantel or hung on a chalkboard or frame!

Ok guys, I tried to get all my Valentine’s Day posts in before the actual holiday, but this one is coming in hot one day late! But this DIY is so cute, I just had to share it, and so super easy too!

I love the look of woods and whites and this gives that same look with jute twine and white yarn. Plus, I love the way yarn gives texture to a home decor project.

And of course, this DIY heart pom-pom garland is no-sew using just yarn, glue, jute twine and (would you believe it) some toothpicks to create the look!

Yarn heart garland hanging on chalkboard.

Supplies for Neutral Pom-Pom Heart Garland

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Supplies including yarn, mod podge, jute twine, glue gun, scissors, fork and toothpicks.
  • White Yarn – Red Heart Brand (Walmart)
  • Mod Podge (Walmart or Amazon)
  • Glue Gun (Walmart or Amazon)
  • Fork
  • Wire Cutters like mine (Amazon)
  • Scissors
  • Jute Twine
  • Toothpicks!! (I forgot to put them in the picture)

First Hot Glue Toothpicks for Easy Heart Pom Poms

Toothpicks placed in a cross pattern on tin foil

First, get your glue gun heated up. Then place the toothpicks in a cross pattern on the tin foil.

Decide how many hearts you are making and then get that many crosses ready on the foil. I made seven hearts.

Use hot glue and put a dab at the center where the toothpicks cross.

Next, place a glob of hot glue in the center, where the toothpicks cross. Allow this to dry.

They don’t have to be perfect!

Flip the toothpick crosses over and hot glue the back side.

Once the glue is dry, then flip the toothpick crosses over and hot glue the back side too. This gives the toothpick crosses more stability.

Now onto the next step – making the pom poms!

Make the Yarn Pom Poms Using a Fork

So now we’re going to make slightly different sized yarn pom poms for the sides and the bases of the heart.

The two side pom poms will be wrapped 15 times around the fork. The base or bottom pom poms will be wrapped 20 times.

Therefore, you’ll need to make twice as many side pom poms. Let’s get to work making the pom poms.

White yarn wrapped around fork.

First, wrap the yarn around the fork 15 or 20 times depending on which pom pom you are creating.

Yarn wrapped around fork and tied in the middle with another piece of yarn.

Using another piece of yarn, tie it in the middle of the fork. Don’t knot it yet though! This just makes it easier to slide off of the fork.

Slide the pom pom off the fork, tie it tighter and make a knot.

Slide the pom pom off the fork. Now tie it tighter and make a knot.

Five toothpick crosses and fifteen yarn pom poms.

Here’s what we should have so far for five hearts. The ten pom poms on the right are the side pom poms. The five pom poms on the left are for the bottom.

Trim the Pom Pom with Scissors

After sliding the yarn off the fork, cut one side of the pom pom with scissors.

Next up is to cut the sides of your yarn to make the pom pom. First cut one side with the scissors.

Trim the other side of the yarn making the pom pom.

Then cut the other side. Trim as needed to make the pom pom a circular shape.

I always remind myself that it doesn’t have to be perfect!

Picture of five toothpick crosses and fifteen pom poms.

Ok this is what we should have now after trimming all the pom poms! I did make seven in total, but only five are pictured here.

Assemble the Yarn Heart Pom Poms

Now that we have everything ready, it’s time to assemble these sweet little heart pom poms.

Trim off top of toothpick cross with wire cutters.

First, trim off the top of the toothpick cross right above the hot glue ball using the wire cutters or sharp scissors.

Picture of toothpick cross with 3 pom poms.

Next, wrap the jute twine around the hot glue ball. Wrap it around and around from different directions.

Just try to cover the glue ball as best you can. Then tie a knot at the top.

The two smaller pom poms are for the sides and the larger one is for the bottom as shown.

Wrap the jute twine around the hot glue ball and tie at the top.

Place a dab of mod podge on the bottom toothpick. I just used my finger to apply this but kept a paper towel handy to wipe off my hand.

Slide the larger pom pom onto the bottom part of the toothpick cross.

Slide the bottom pom pom onto the toothpick. Make sure that you have the toothpick in the middle of the pom pom where you tied it. This will help it stay on there!

Place mod podge glue on the side toothpicks.

Now place a bit of mod podge onto the two side toothpicks.

Picture of the heart after sliding the smaller pom poms onto either side.

Slide the two smaller pom poms onto each side. Again, place the toothpick in the middle of where you tied them initially.

Whew we are almost there guys!

Trim excess toothpick with wire cutters so you can't see the toothpick.

Trim the excess toothpick from the remaining three ends using the wire cutters. So the toothpick isn’t poking out!

Using scissors to trim the pom poms into a heart shape.

Trim the yarn with the scissors creating more of a heart shape.

Tie the top of the jute twine making a loop.

You can tie the top part of the jute twine making a loop.

These would look cute hanging on a bare branch in a vase too!

But keep reading to see how I made the yarn heart garland!

Hang Yarn Hearts on Jute Twine for Garland

Picture of yarn hearts handing on jute twine on a chalkboard.

To hang these little yarn hearts, I strung some jute twine on my chalkboard.

Then I tied each of the yarn hearts onto the string. Make them hang as low as you’d like, and then trim the jute twine.

They don’t slide much because the jute twine sticks there pretty well. If they do, just tie the heart’s jute string ends to the strand to help them stay put!

Wrappin’ Up this Yarn Heart Craft

Well, that’s a wrap! What do you think of these cute yarn hearts? And so super easy to make! I bet a lot of the supplies you may even have on hand!

I think they are a perfect addition to neutral modern farmhouse Valentine’s Day home decor.

They would even look cute in a nursery or little one’s room for decoration!

And the fact that they are made from inexpensive yarn, toothpicks and jute twine makes them super budget-friendly! Just FYI this is the same yarn that I used to craft these yarn trees – check them out!

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions or tell me if you tried this DIY yarn heart garland out yourself!

Now round up white yarn, jute twine and a few toothpicks and create cute little yarn hearts for your own neutral Valentine’s Day garland DIY.

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Yarn heart garland hanging on a chalkboard.

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