Heart wreath covered in burlap strips and ribbon hanging on chalkboard

Burlap Heart Wreath DIY

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and I purchased this heart wreath form from the Dollar Tree a few weeks ago. Dollar Tree has so many cool wreath forms to choose from, you should definitely go check them out!

I also found some white burlap at Walmart and figured that I would combine the two to create a neutral wreath that would be perfect for farmhouse Valentine’s Day decor.

And it’s such a simple project to complete…really all you need is the heart form, burlap, scissors and tape measurer. I thought it looked cute with just white burlap; however, I did end up buying a few rolls of ribbon too.

So, if you wanted to add a bit of color into your burlap DIY wreath you could definitely do that! This wreath DIY is as simple as tying knots!

Read on for the super easy tutorial on how to make this Dollar Tree heart wreath DIY.

Supplies for this Heart Burlap Wreath DIY

Supplies including heart wreath form, burlap, scissors, and 2 rolls of ribbons (brown and pink)
  • White Burlap (Walmart)
  • Heart Wreath Form (Dollar Tree)
  • Scissors
  • Tape Measurer
  • Ribbons – Optional (Walmart)
White burlap, pink ribbon and brown ribbon.

Close up of the burlap and ribbons I purchased at Walmart.

Cut Your White Burlap into Strips

First, simply measure out 6 inches of the white burlap using your tape measurer. Then cut this 6-inch section off with the scissors.

Take this section and cut it into 7 strips of burlap. I cut these lengthwise, so every strip was 6 inches long.

Each strip was roughly 1/2 to 3/4 inches wide. They don’t have to be perfect or the same exact size!

Just be sure to make 7 strips out of one section.

Begin Tying the Burlap Strips to the Heart Form

Continue cutting 6-inch sections of burlap, then cutting these into 7 segments. Tie them onto the metal wreath form.

Only tie the burlap strip once, no need to double knot. They hold on there just fine with one tie!

Slide them together and continue to tie the strips onto each of the 3 wires that make up this heart form.

Continue Tying and Cutting, Making Your Way Around the Heart Form

Continue tying on your strips of white burlap to the 3 wires that make up your heart wreath form. Make your way around the wreath form.

Phew, about half done! It certainly is a lot of tying! 😅

Make Your Way Around the Heart Wreath Form

Continue cutting burlap strips and tying them on, we are in the home stretch! Takes a bit of time, but this neutral heart wreath is so easy to make!

Once you’ve covered your heart form with burlap strips, it’s time to fill in any gaps you see with additional burlap strips. Any place that you see wire, just add more white burlap strips!

Heart form covered in burlap strips hanging on chalkboard.

This is how the wreath looks with just the white burlap strips tied on. I think it looks really pretty just like this and perfect for neutral Valentine’s Day farmhouse decor!

Finished burlap heart wreath hanging on a chalkboard.

Just one more picture…a little closer up!

Add Ribbons to the Burlap Heart Wreath (Optional)

Optional step is cutting 6-inch sections of brown and pink ribbon.

If you want to add a touch of color to this white burlap heart wreath, then take your brown and pink ribbons and cut 6-inch sections.

I ended up cutting 10 strips of each and then randomly tied them to my heart wreath.

Heart wreath covered in burlap strips and ribbon hanging on chalkboard

This is the finished burlap wreath. The ribbons add a touch of pink to this neutral wreath DIY.

Finished burlap heart wreath hanging on chalkboard

Close up of how this pretty farmhouse-style wreath looks with the brown and pink ribbons tied on!

Finishing Thoughts on the DIY Dollar Tree Heart Wreath

Whew that was a lot of tying, but don’t you think the final result is really pretty? And I love that you can purchase your wreath form from Dollar Tree and the burlap and ribbons from Walmart.

This Valentine’s Day wreath is budget-friendly too! The heart form was $1.25 at Dollar Tree, the burlap was approximately $4.50, and the ribbon rolls were $2.00 a piece.

So, all in all, I spent under 10 dollars total (without tax) since I had the scissors and tape measurer on hand! And if you didn’t add the ribbon, it would be under 6 dollars!

And one more thing…just an FIY for decorating purposes, the completed dimensions for this Valentine’s Day wreath are approximately 15 inches wide by 14 inches tall.

So, do you prefer the simple white burlap heart wreath, or the one with added ribbons for a touch of color? Tell me down in the comments!

Next time you’re out and about grab a Dollar Tree heart wreath form, white burlap and ribbons, and create this budget-friendly heart wreath that’s perfect for your neutral Valentine’s Day decor!

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Burlap heart wreath hanging on chalkboard

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