A bit about me…

About the author

Hey everyone! Welcome to my website, dappled skies and diys! Thanks for being here!

My goal through this website is to provide simple and do-able diys and home tips!

I want my readers to see the beauty in their homes, whether it be an apartment, cabin, historic farmhouse, sprawling estate or anywhere in between.

A home should be a place that when you walk into it, your worries seem a little less, and you find comfort in the familiar smells, sounds and sights.

It’s where you can kick off your shoes, just be yourself and relax!

Everyone should have a place like that, and if you don’t yet, I’m here to help you create one!

Just a little about me! By day I’m a wife and mom of some pretty cool school aged kids.

I’m an introverted, homebody who loves to read a classic book while enjoying a good cup of hot tea (check out my favorite tea recipe)!

My hubby is the complete opposite, an outgoing sports fanatic who loves to be around groups of people.

My husband and I both have degrees in healthcare, however I have always loved writing, home and diy projects.

I love using chalk paint, different types of stain, thrifted or free items, and other inexpensive materials to create something beautiful!

I created this website to help to inspire others to make their home something they look forward to returning to each day.

Now that doesn’t mean perfect, and it doesn’t mean expensive. It just means someplace you and your family love coming home to.

Welcome and I hope you stick around! Lots of good stuff is on the way!